the man behind the beard

I'm a bloke who loves God, my family, short shorts and red wine. I've been in the business for around 2 years now and i got into wedding photography because i love canapés and people (in that order) and theres no better place to find both of those than a wedding! My past jobs include landscaper and wine maker however now i'm a full time photo taker.

I have a more down to earth style of wedding photography because I'm in it for the real stuff - I believe in capturing everything in the moment and all the little stuff in between. I work well with people who are looking for a more natural, non-posey take on wedding photography. 


I married my wife in April 2017 and our son Peter was born this year on the 5th of Feb. We lived in margaret river from 2015-17 and moved back to the swan valley to save for our wedding and also to start my business as a wedding photographer.